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Scenic Photography

Costa Rica Sunset south americaScenic photography is any photograph that contains a “scene” or “story” this can include the following: street scenes, gardens, swimming pools, forests, seascapes, beach scenes, and of course “landscape photography”.
Landscape photography was popular from as early as the early 1800s photographers were fond of this type of photograph as it took such a long time to expose the film and the scenery did not move, unlike a human subject for instance.
The formative exponents of this type of photography followed the same path as such great landscape artists as Constable and Turner and was referred to as pictorial photography
They were capturing a moment in time forever, one that would never be the same again.

Costa Rica view south americaScenic Photography covers landscape photography also street scenes, gardens, swimming pools, forests, seascapes, beach scenes, I usually try to find a “focus point” or a point of interest in the photograph perhaps in the foreground or middle-ground such an old fishing boat on the beach with ocean behind.
I am always on the lookout for interesting colours and try to enhance depth and scale. The weather plays such a big part in scenic photography and as we know, two days are rarely the same from day to day.

This does not mean that every time I manage to capture a good scenic photograph I have to go climbing mountains or jumping out of planes. At Tony Hanscomb Photography I am just as adept as spotting the scenic beauty in someone’s backyard, farm, back street, beach or beautiful resort. Our new digital world has also brought new possibilities through retouch and digital manipulation to seamlessly combine, create and change the scene in ways not imagined before.