Terms & Conditions - Costs & Price Structures

1) Included: Necessary retouch & image processing, transport to and from location if within 20 Km. from my studio.
1.1) Not included: props, location fees/admissions, toll ways, accomodation - f&b if shoot is over 12 hours, models/talent, extra equipment, extra staff, usb thumb drives,

2) Every photograph I take is guaranteed to full customer satisfaction.

3) I am not responsible for weather conditions but rescheduling is usually at no charge.

4) One day shoots, the full payment is due on day of photography or before, on multiple days 50% is due on first day or before and remainder will be due when all photographs are supplied.
No credit is given to new customers.

Cost structures:
5.1) Minimum charge is 4,000 Baht for local (40,000 Baht for overseas)
5.2) Minimum charge for any wedding is 25,000 Baht (45,000 Baht out of Thailand or up-country)
6) Half day is from 5,000 to 6,000 Baht (including travel time) (9,000 to 15,000 Baht for overseas)
7) Full day and evening photography is from 8,500 to 10,000 Baht (15,000 to 20,000 Baht for overseas)
8) Product/pack-shot photography is charged per shot depending on product. Quantity discounts are available, example:-
a) Minimum charge (includes first 2 shots) = 4,000 Baht 

b) + Additional 3 to 5 shots = 1,000 baht each, 6 to 10 shots = 500 Baht each, 11 + shots = 250 each20+ shots = 125 each, 50 + shots = 90 Baht each, 200+ shots = 60 baht each 500+ shots up to 1,000 = 30 baht
For example 50 products would be 4,000 Baht + (48 x 90 = 4,320) = 8,320 Baht total (approx. 92Baht each)
All retouch and or background removal/change is included.

9) Video shooting/projects start at 12,000 Baht per day
10 Video editing including tittles and royalty free music = 900 Baht per hour.

11.1)  Travel time is charged at 200 Baht per hour (including overseas travel)
11.2) Road transport is charges at 5 Baht per Km. ( if location is over 20 Km. from my studio)
11.3) Air transport and associated charges are charged at cost +10% service fee

Real Estate & Property Packages:

I offer several price structures for property photography...

12.1) Studio apartment, includes facilities... 5,000 Baht
12.2) One bedroom apartment includes facilities, or small bungalow without pool... 6,000 Baht
12.3) Large apartment or small house with pool (evening shots included)... 7,000 Baht
12.4) Large house with pool (evening shots included)... 8,000 Baht
12.5) Extra large house or large Luxury Villas with more than 5 Bedrooms (including evening shots)... 10,000 Baht

Each extra property within one day is an additional 4,000 Baht maximum up to 4 in one day depending on property size.

Artwork & Website:
Brosure, flyers, business cards, logo design, website, (including web-hosting & domain Name registration see: Web Engine Network), writing, language translation, video editing, photo-retouch and more... contact me for your graphics requirements "including competitive print costs". only 900 Baht per hour.

Basic 4 page website from 15,000 Baht
Entry level business website from 18,000 Baht
Standard business/company website from 30,000 Baht
Additional website work 1,000 Baht/hour

If you would like to make a booking and require a quotation please contact me