Imagination is the the only limitation!
The examples below are all retouched photographs, most contain many changes and some you could call totally fake! the objective of course is to present the images as not retouched and not “fake”, so a good retouch is one that does not get “found out” and looks perfectly normal. I can achieve virtually any change or effect customers dream up.

1) Original unfinished building

2) 3-D building replaces original

Tina Rex with kids V3
Water layer & people cut into background

People with Created backgound

Enhanced photograph

205 ad RT
Sky, surfer, surfboard & people all shot separately

A kids shot separatly and composed onto background

171 12-10-2014 RT
3 images merged to one

centara beach resort krabi-05
foreground created in studio merged onto background

centara beach resort krabi02
not much here is real !!!

Dancer photographed, ground and background created

Humungasaurus RT Night
Night shot and background created in Photoshop

Characters shot separately, background cut in

Riders shot separately and composited

*Photo Editing & Retouch
*Photo Clipping Paths
*Photo Manipulation
*Product Cut-outs/Fashion
*Wedding photo Editing
*Old photo restoration
*Jewelry retouching
*Real Estate photo editing
*Panorama photo editing
*Color correction
*Image masking
*Natural shadow
*Neck joint
*Re-sizing Photo
*Analog to Digital conversion
*20MP copy Negative, 35mm Slide & large format transparency (includes color correction)

My advantages:

Low cost service
Quick turnaround
Satisfaction guarantee
Volume discount
Triple check quality control
All types of photo treatment service available
Easy and flexible services
Huge amount of image processing capacity

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