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Cook-Books are my favorite as I can really show off my skills and the book becomes a great portfolio for a subject I have a great passion for.
If you are planning or considering producing any kind of publication please contact me at Tony Hanscomb Photography so I can give you a Surprisingly competitive deal.
I always enjoy contributing to publications, be it a cook-book, magazine, corporate report, hotel and resort brochure or product showcase.

The good thing is, I am able to showcase my work using a medium that has substance and something that can last the test of time.
I also enjoy the process required for such projects from idea meetings (pre-production) to planning the work flow and creating a set of meaningful photographs, each one that I can be proud of and when displayed as a set or collection have a perfect relevance to the publication as a whole and on some occasions tells an interesting pictorial story.

Buy a copy of the book here     French and English versions of the book are available.

  • Author (s): lionel raiffort and françois tatté
  • Photographer: Tony Hanscomb
  • Editor: Marsfield Trading Ltd.
  • Language: French
  • Publication: 05/01/1992
  • Format: Medium, from 350g to 1kg
  • Number of pages: 211