Sample Condo & House Shoot Packages

LOCATION: Laguna Beach Resort 1, Sai 2 road, 384/105 Soi Jomtien 1, Pattaya, Thailand.

These images have been captured using a moderately wide-angle perspective. While wider and ultra-wide angles are also possible upon request, I recommend the shots presented in this sample. The reason for this recommendation is that forcing an ultra-wide view might create an unrealistic representation, which is not ideal for attracting potential buyers or renters.

My commitment lies in portraying the property in a realistic and appealing manner.

These photographs are Copyright Tony Hanscomb 2023

Evening shots can be included from an additional fee of 1,000 Thai Baht. 

1 Bed condo & Studio 5,500. –  2 Bed Condo or house 6,500. –  3 to 5 Bed Condo or house 7,000  –  Larger properties price on request.

Please note, all new clients are required to pay fully in advance, all my work is guaranteed, the job is only finished when the client is happy.

LOCATION: Siam Royal View, Pattaya, Thailand.

Photographing this house was a full-day endeavor, followed by an additional day of processing and retouching digital files using Photoshop. During this meticulous process, I ensured that all vertical lines were corrected to eliminate parallax issues, imperfections were expertly removed, and colors were adjusted for accuracy. To achieve stunning results, I employed the “HDR” (High Dynamic Range) technique, which involves capturing multiple shots at different exposures. This approach allowed for precise adjustments to highlight and shadow areas during post-processing. Evening shots, especially those taken across the swimming pool, proved particularly beneficial in showcasing the property’s beauty.
The customer is a trusted & successful Real Estate agent, to whom I allow credit.

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