Useful Links


Useful Links:

These are links that are mainly photography related and some other useful sites for you:

  1.  TrueJodi provides thousands of brides and grooms profiles for a perfect match.
  2. Make a Daily Profile Photo…. for Your Fridge – a cool little DIY Photography project from photojojo
  3. How Much Should You Charge for a Photograph?
  4. Relics to Reefs – a photo gallery over at National Geographic
  5. How to Travel with Photography Gear – at Photography Blog
  6. From Paper to RingFlash in a Few Easy Steps – cool DIY lighting project
  7. Perffusion 2010 Evenement – French Street Artist Fabian David’s cool street photo booth project (in French but the pictures tell the story)
  8. Inside the Black Box – an ‘on assignment’ with Strobist
  9. Quora, A Valuable Resource for Photographers – by Thomas Hawk
  10. Video Lightpainting the Easy Way – Video
  11. Dodging and Burning – an Introduction
  12. Shooting Outdoor Portraits with Natural light – Video
  1. Geotagging in Adobe Lightroom
  2. New Street Photography, 60 Years Old – the story of street photographer Vivian Maier
  3. The Year in Photos – from the White House
  4. Creating a Simple Shutter Release Cable from an Old PC Case – DIY Project
  5. Stephanie Yezek – another good ‘on assignment with Strobist’
  6. NPS Pro Spotlight – Nikon shares 5 cool video interviews with Pro Photographers
  7. Landscape Photography Tips: Creative Composition – Video
  8. 7 Tips for Great Low Angle Shots
  9. 10 Tips to Help You Get the Most out of Your new DSLR
  10. What Every Photographer Needs to Know about Facebook
  11. Beyond Sunset: The Different Phases of Twilight
  12. Knowing My Limits: Why I don’t Do HDR
  13. Adding Emotion and Feeling to Photos
  14. 20 Examples of Low Angle Photography


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