Food Photography

I take lots of care with food photography, as Food & Beverage has always been a passion at Tony Hanscomb Photography, from working with chefs at Hotels & Resorts or owners of restaurants or eateries, food photography is always a challenge that I especially enjoy.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Thai Hammok Pla


Thai Chicken Sattay

Crickets Thai Food

Fried Crickets

Japanese Fried Monk Fish

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Thai Food, Laab Nua

Laab Nua

Thai Food, Chicken Red Curry

Thai Chicken Red Curry

Fruit Garden Salad

Salad on Rice

Intercontinental Salad

Intercontinental Salad

Manhattans Pattaya

Manhattans Pattaya

Coffee Time

Coffee Time at Tony Hanscomb Photography

The Thai Germany

I always use studio lighting and take time to set up the shot, understanding the food plated up by the chef or home economist and knowing how to present the cuisine is always important, I very much respect talented chefs and cooks, I see some of them as brilliant when it comes to presentation and design, when I work with these chefs, photographic magic can transpire….     Hopefully you will see from the samples my passion showing through.

Please note: A minimum fee of 4,000Baht for all food setup shots is applied, as studio lighting is usually required.
Please see: Terms & Costs