Planning a Perfect Wedding

As anybody who has had the daunting task of organising or arranging a wedding knows, it is one of the most difficult events to get right. Firstly the emotions brought into play with many of the arrangements are considerable. Secondly the amount of separate issues that have to be planned to the finest degree are simply mind blowing, and lastly the day will be remembered for a lifetime, be it a success or an unmitigated failure.


The Different Organisational Factors

Planning a wedding is almost as tough as planning a military campaign: transportation, photography, food, accommodation, venue, dresses and suits, entertainment, civil or religious procedures, honeymoon, guests arrangements, stag or hen parties, seating arrangements, family and guest organisation all need to be meticulously planned and arranged.


Where To Start

Some people have the luxury of being able to afford a wedding planner, who basically acts as a project manager. He is responsible for pulling together the plethora of individual elements that have to come together smoothly and most importantly like clockwork.

Most people however, end of with a mixture of friends, family and themselves all pitching in to ensure the big day goes off as smooth as possible.

The best advice when starting out is to start a wedding folder or binder, give yourself and your partner enough time to research magazines, online websites and professional services.


What To Do Next

Once your folder is full of research and ideas the next steps are:

  • Work out your budget
  • Pick the guests
  • Reserve venues
  • Book an officiant
  • Contact photographers, entertainment, caterers, florists, transport companies, tailors and dressmakers.

The best advice once you have contacted all of the above is go and see each one personally.


Choosing a Photographer

When it comes to happy memories in the years that follow it is critical that your chosen wedding photographer and videographer is a true professional.

Not only must he be excellent at his profession, he must also understand what you really require. What are your priorities and what you must be given at the end of the proceedings.

It is also essential that you personally get on with your chosen photographer. You will probably be spending more time with him on the big day than your mum or your betrothed, so make sure you click.

Ask to see his portfolio and see if the images are to your liking, each photographer has their own style and your chosen one might produce photographs that you had in mind.

All of the above needs as much attention thrown at them than can be realistically done. The more planning and research that is put in, then the chances of mistakes and problems reduces. Don’t leave anything to chance, plan, plan then plan some more.